A Natural Reserve

The waters of Vivi were formed in a desert oasis in Nafud Al- in the Al-Muzahimiyah Governorate, outside the city

Jasmine Water and Beverage Factory Co - "ViVi Water Factory"


The Mission of ViVi Water is to be a leader in the bottled water manufacturing & the selling of healthy, natural, pure, & aspirational perceptions in the KSA along with satisfying consumers' needs while at the same time enhancing the individual & society well- being.


The company values are like its brand values; they include uniqueness, honesty, integrity, leadership, partnership, respect, productivity, sustainability & growth. These values are synonymous to the values of leader ship and people of Saudi Arabia.


Our vision is inspired by our goal, which is to inspire, support and elevate to be the local company that serves the community and an example to follow to provide quality as an integrated health companion and a permanent partner for ambition, commitment and endless development

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